About us

A family in Southern Denmark, coffee enthusiasts, a lawyer and an engineer, mother and father of three wonderful children, and Als risteris kafferistere.

Om os

You can find our roastery and shop in Brogade 15, st., Sønderborg, Denmark.

Our roastery is a small family run (micro) cofferoastery. We roast our coffee on a 1,5 kg Giesen coffee roaster. Coffe roasting is a craft. It requires precision, patience and the coffee roaster needs to achieve the best taste from the coffeebeans. It also requires a deal of development work.


The roastery and shop in Brogade 15:
A small roastery and shop where we both sell our fresh coffee and where customers can pick up coffee they have ordered on the webshop. This is also where we roast our coffee and develop our products. 

Not only a store but also a roastery

Because there is quite some development work, and of course roasting, we cannot offer normal shopping hours as other shops. When the summer comes we however hope that we will have found a solution where we can offer our customers better and more attractive opening hours.

Our shop is not a café. Therefore it is unfortunately not an option to buy a cup of coffee in the shop.

But there you have an opportunity to see and smell our coffee. Sometimes you will also have the opportunity to taste some of our lovely coffee.


Opening hours:
Monday 12-16
Tuesday 12-16
Wednesday closed
Thursday 11-15
Friday 11-15

Saturday opening
Additionally we will sometimes have open on a Saturday. You can follow our Facebook page: Als risteri - where we will advertise the Saturday openings. 

Remember that the webshop is always open!


But why be a coffe roaster? Because life is simply to short for bad coffee. 

It started at home on the couch, with the idea if it was possible to roast our own coffee. It evolved and eventually we bought a Giesen 1.5 kg coffee roaster and started roasting for real. We could soon see that this was something we would like to continue with. 

I our store in Brogade 15 we roast coffee about twice a week. Because we roast in small batches we can always offer newly roasted coffee. 


The Company:
Als risteri
Brogade 15, st., 6400 Sønderborg
Cvr.: 39490889