Om Als risteri

Als risteri 
Brogade 15, st., 6400 Sønderborg
Cvr. nr. 39490889


The shop in Brogade 15:
A small coffeeshop where we sell our newly roasted coffee. 

The shop is not a cafe. It is therefore unfortunately not a possibility to buy a cup of coffee and cake.  

But in the shop you can smell and see our wonderful coffee, smell the newly roasted coffee and of course buy bags of fresh coffee. Sometimes it is also possible to taste.  Of course you can also come and ask us questions about the coffee.

It is also possible to buy coffee in our webshop and collect it in our store during opening hours.  


The shop/ Coffe roastery is open:  
Monday 12-16
Tuesday 12-16
Wednesday lokað
Thursday 11-15
Friday 11-15

Saturday opening:
Sometimes we will advertise a special Saturday opening. You can like our Facebook page where we will advertise these Saturday openings: Als risteri

The webshop is always open!