Is there something wrong with filter coffee? Is it only "hot" to drink espresso? Is the old pour over method still a method we can use?

1. Filter coffee
The easy method using the conventional coffee maker is still valid. Filter coffee, if brewed in a good coffee maker, of course with the right amount of quality coffee, can taste really good. There is however a big difference between the coffee makers. Most machines are simply not good enough. The european coffee brewing centre tests and approves machines that live up to their standards. I myself have a nice Moccamaster that works really well. click here to see the machines are approved.

Use quality coffee

Use a coffee grinder and grind yourself just before you need the coffee. Use approx. 7 g. of coffee for one cup (approx. 200 ml. water).

With a good cofeee maker it actually doesn't take longer time to brew a cup of coffee than in a capsule machine - And yes, it is actually possible to brew only one or two cups of coffee in a good coffee maker, in short time!


2. French prepss
Many coffee enthusiasts are still wild for the good old french press. It is also understandable. Coffee from a french press is simple to make and tastes really good. But of course you should grind the beans yourself just before, so that they are completely fresh, the beens need to be grinded in the right consistancy, and you should of course use quality coffee.

Use 7-8 g coffee for each cup, 200 ml. water.

Den right consistency of the grind is very important. The coffee will not taste just as good if you use preground coffee for a regular coffee maker (filter). It must be coarser for a french press.

The Water should be close to boiling, however not completely - about 96 degrees celcius.

Get the coffee in your french press and pour the water over. Let it stand for 3-4 minutes, without pushing down.

Then push slowly down, and finally you can enjoy your coffee.


3. Pour over coffee
You need to be a little more patient when you choose the pour over method. Although you will be rewarded because pour over coffee tastes excellent.

To use the pour over method you need a pour over jug and a coffee filter. As well as a kettle and a stopwatch.

Of Course you should grind the beans yourself. The consistency should be medium-coarse.

Use 12-14 grams of coffee to 200 ml of water (approximately 60-70 g of coffee for a liter of water).

It can be good to start by prepering the filter, by pouring a little boiling water over the filter you are going to use. Both to clean it (so that it doesn't affect the taste of your coffee) and to prepere it for your coffee brewing. Throw out the water you used in order to prepare the filter.

Get your coffee in the coffee filter. Start your stopwatch and pour a little boiled water (about 96 degrees celsius), -  engough to cover only the coffee, and no more at this point. Now you are letting the carbon dioxide escape. You should wait 30 sek. before you continue.

the goal is that it should take around 3 minutes to brew your cup of coffee. You should take short breaks in between, and allow the water to drip down through the coffee.

When you pour you should pour the water slowly over the coffee, in a circular motion and take the previously described breaks in between.

Then you can enjoy your coffee right away and before it gets cold.