Specialty coffee

We only sell specialty coffee. What is specialty coffee?

You may have noticed that we market our products as quality or gourmet products. And indeed they are. But they are not just that. They are also specialty coffee. The term refers to the whole process of the coffee from the production to the roasting. That means for example that the coffee beans are carefully selected so that they do not contain too many defects. The coffee beans also need to be of excellent quality and they have to be carefully cultivated and harvested.

Proper cultivation and harvesting is though not enough. Things can also go wrong after the berries have been picked from the coffee plant. Coffee beans are processed in different ways. Some are for example washed and sun dried and others are fermented in big tanks. If things go wrong in this process the coffee can get a bad taste.

The beans are then sorted by size and quality. A very big part of the coffee industry uses bad quality beans in cheap commercial coffee blends. While the specialty production focuses on quality beans and usually fair pay to the workers.

After the production comes the cupping. The green coffee buyer samples the coffee in a special way, called cupping where the coffee gets a cupping score according to how good it tastes. Specialty coffee should of course also have a good cupping score.

Proper roasting is also important and the roasting process is an art where the coffee needs to be closely monitored and roasted in the near perfect way.

When you buy coffee it is a much more pleasant experience in every way to buy specialty coffee.