Medium roast, dark roast or light roast?

If you haven't tried speciality coffee before, it is likely that your definition of good coffe is a dark roast. It is also likely that the first time you try coffe from Als risteri you will find it our dark roast not as dark as you are used to.

Most often commercial coffee, the one you buy in your normal supermarket, is over roasted in order to mask the defected and bad beans. By over roasting the coffee beans you actually taste the coffee beans less and you taste more the actual roasting.

When coffee is roasted it goes through different stages. It cracks two times (it sounds a bit like when popcorn pops). This is called first and second crack in the coffee roasting world. If the coffee is roasted through the second crack it will be very dark roasted and oily. It is possible to continue and end up with charcoal instead of coffee. If the coffee is not roasted as long, but only through the first crack the beans will be much lighter and you will taste the different tastes that comes from beans themselves.

Most of the speciality coffee is not a dark roast. When we at Als risteri do a dark roast, it is not as dark as you might be accustomed to. This is because you should experience the best taste from your coffee beans and the beautiful taste differences there can be in good coffee beans, like the ones we roast. When we get new coffeebeans we roast them on various levels and find out the one roast we think suits best for that type of coffee.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to use dark roasted coffee beans for your espresso machine. We encourage you to experiment with different varieties of beans. The darkest roast is not necessarily the best for your espresso.