Your and my definition of a good cup of coffee

"I just need to get a really good cup of coffee" - It doesn’t matter if the actual coffee is over-roasted espresso coffee of lower quality, only if it comes from a good, big and reliable machine, with frothed milk and, preferably also whipped cream and syrup.

It is the above defenition of a "good cup of coffee," I most often hear.

It's pretty easy to mask bad beans in plenty of frothed milk, whipped cream and sugar. Many cafes do this in an excellent way. 

There is though actually a big difference between being a good barista and a good coffee roaster. A coffee roaster is focusing on the beans, their quality and the absolute best roasting for those type of beans.

When I get a good cup of coffee I need to be able to taste the coffee itself. I like a good cup of cappuccino or latte, but the coffee itself also be of good quality.

A good espresso does not need to be over-roasted - almost to the point of the beans burning to coal, like some of it is. A good espresso can just as well be a medium roast or a dark roast, from my definition of it (which is significantly less dark than most coffees of a lower quality).

Try the difference yourself!