Den bedste kop kaffe

How much coffee should I use?
We recommend 7 grams per. cup (approx. 200 ml.)
You can use a scale or a coffee grinder with a dosing possibility.

Why should I use a coffee grinder?
Ground coffee loses very quickly both flavor and aroma. Probably much faster than you think. If you enjoy your coffee fresh we recommend that you use a coffee grinder and grind the coffee beans when you need to use dem.

How should I grind my coffee?
You should grind your coffee in the way that fits your way of brewing your coffee. There is a big difference in taste between methods of brewing coffee and how you grind your coffee is important. With the perfect ground for your brewing method you can achieve the perfect taste of your coffee. Too coarse can result in your coffee tasting sour or salty. Too fine can result in your coffee tasting bitter. In addition you can miss out on all the great tasting notes from your coffee beans.

Fortunately many new coffee grinders have the function to choose how fine or coarse the coffee should be according to the brewing method used.

Very coarse: cold brew coffee
Coarse: French press, espressomaker over a stove (consistency: similar to coarse salt)
Medium coarse: Pour over (e.g. chemex)
Medium: Normal coffee maker, filter mashine (e.g. Moccamaster) (consistency: similar to coarse sand)
Fine: espresso machine (texture: slightly finer than fine salt)
Very fine: Turkish coffee

Good storage
It is important to keep your coffee in a dark, dry, airtight container and not too hot.

Moisture can ruin your coffee and therefore it is not a good idea to keep it in the refrigerator or freezer.

Use a good coffee machine
The right temperature of the water is for example extremely important in order to achieve the best result. The European coffee brewing center in Oslo tests and approves machines that live up to their standards:
If you do not have a good coffee machine we recommend a french press or a pour over cup to start with.